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"What’cha doin"
"Going to shove this pie in your face"

You cut her off by doing exactly so. Shoving a cream pie in your girlfriends face. You laugh and she giggles. 
"That was so un gentle-manly of you."

"I know" you muse, pecking her pie covered lips.
She whacks you before grabbing a tea towel and wiping her face off.
Wrapping your arms around her waist and resting your head on her shoulder, she giggles again.

"Ello Love" you muse, pressing a few kisses to her cheek.
"Ey, I don’t think you should get any love right now, mister."

"oh?" you question, and she laughs, grabbing a green frosted cupcake and shoving it on your nose. Laughing, it falls off, hitting the ground with a little plop. The two of you are laughing too hard to clean it up, or even clean your nose off. 

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Posted on Friday, 24 August
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